Growing up in a family with massage therapists, I was pleasantly spoiled. My grandmother on my father's side of the family would relate to me many experiences of the trade. Even after my grandma had three strokes, she would tell my family that even though she could only use one hand, she was going to work on their shoulders and fix them. Watching my grandma do this for people deeply impressed me. My grandmother on my mother's side of the family would tell me different experiences that she could relate to when doing foot reflexology on several different people. Most of my aunts on both sides of the family practiced massage therapy as well. They were all passionate about what they did, and I loved to learn things from them growing up. I was so inspired by their passion that when I turned eighteen in 2008, I attended my first massage therapy school and became professionally licensed. The more that I learned about massage therapy, the more I loved it. I love the aspect of helping people and seeing different people feel better and much more relaxed. Throughout the years I have become certified in many modalities through many different schools. I have traveled through the states to learn from some of the most well known schools and instructors. I have worked in the chiropractic aspect of massage therapy and the spa aspect as well. Whether it is to relax or release tension, I have learned to become adaptable to each individual's needs.